27. July 2015

Certified for the oil and gas industry

New UGI® 4410 superduplex from Ugitech meets NORSOK standards

In oil and gas production, the materials handling and production technology constantly comes into contact with aggressive fluids: an acidic PH value and varying gas pressure stress connecting components and filters. In hot salt water, aggressive chlorides attack the material. To provide the offshore upstream industry with a permanent, process-safe, environmentally friendly and economical material solution, Ugitech, a company that is part of the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group, has expanded its product portfolio to include the UGI® 4410 superduplex stainless steel. Superduplex is comparatively competitively priced and meets the requirements for corrosion resistance and good pressure resistance. This Ugitech special steel also meets the NORSOK standards of the Norwegian mineral oil industry - the recognized seal of approval for the highest quality materials.

In introducing UGI® 4410 superduplex stainless steel, Ugitech adds to its product portfolio and strengthens its position as one of the leading providers of superduplex stainless steel long products for the oil and gas industry as well as for petrochemical applications. This new material from this producer of special long steel products is the certified solution for meeting the rise in demand for greater corrosion resistance that conventional austenitic and martensitic steel grades cannot provide. The deep sea has an increasingly hydrogen sulfide and acidic hydrocarbon content that directly attacks the steel used in this environment. The material is also subjected to high pressure loads. Consequently, all components in pipelines, flanges, valves and filter systems must be very high quality to ensure their safe long-term use and to prevent environmental pollution. “UGI® 4410 steel is an excellent compromise between good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance”, emphasizes Marc Marticou, Business Development Manager at Ugitech. “The nickel content of this superduplex stainless steel is low compared to the one of superaustenitic stainless steel. This is what makes this superduplex steel comparatively competitive.” As a producer of special steel, Ugitech has longstanding competence in the production of highly precise profile wire for filter systems for the oil and gas industry as well as petrochemical applications. This is also documented for bar products by NORSOK certificate M-650, the material qualification which UGI® 4410 stainless steel received at the end of 2014. This certification documents that existing oil industry specification and qualification requirements are fully met. The requirements for certification are high quality and safe processes in stainless steel production, the chemical composition of the material as well as various material tests such as tensile tests, toughness tests and corrosion tests. In addition to UGI® 4410, UGI® 4462 duplex steel and UGI® 4507 superduplex have also received the NORSOK certificate.

Infobox Dimensions and Delivery Sizes UGI® 4410:
• round, rolled and descaled, tolerance 13 and 12,  
dimensions 71 to 120 mm
• round, turned, tolerances 10-11-12, dimensions 71 to 120 mm
Semi-finished products:
• square ground, 80 to 120 mm
Drawn wires and fine wires:
• round, cold-worked, mat condition, dimensions 6.0 to 0.2 mm
Shaped wires:
• Any section cold-worked, bright finish, sections of 2 to 70 mm²  

Photo 1: Filter made of stainless steel wire, source: Ugitech
Photo 2:  Stainless steel closure and connecting parts, source: Ugitech

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